Visiting Bloomsburg Fair

 Visiting Bloomsburg Fair 

Planning a visit to  Bloomsburg Fair 2016 ? check out the 2016 events and ticket details..

On our site you'll find details on the Bloomsburg Fair including special attractions, concerts and shows along with other event information; and how to buy tickets. First, a little background: The Bloomsburg Fair started out way back in 1855! It's a traditional farm fair and a  very well known local attraction that draws an attendance of over 420,000, during the course of the eight days it is open in September each year. Ticket sales for last year's fair were up on the previous year- with visitor numbers up to a total of 425,000. You'll find great events like the Demolition Derby and horse racing are very popular entertainment with fair goers- there are also over 1500 food stalls for anyone that fancies a bite to eat. The packed event schedule and the sheer number of acts make the Fair one of the the most well known of all PA Fairs and the largest in the state of Pennsylvania. It covers 227 acres and has parking for 20,000 cars. Tickets for the Fair are non refundable- and the events and attractions go on despite poor weather conditions. Here is more on some of Bloomsburg Fair special attractions. Remember, there are Bloomsburg Fairground events going on all year round this is of course in addition to the fair itself. For the full schedule of all Fair events and information on tickets please see below. Note also that tickets are now available online.

Bloomsburg Fair Special Events

Before trying to buy your tickets, please be aware some of the Fair events and attractions listed are possibly subject to change- 

Barton House

Caleb Barton, a well to do local businessman built this now famous house in 1855. It is an outstanding example of the architecture of the time. It is also highly significant to the Fair's history. The first ever fair took place in Barton's field.

Demolition Derby

The World's largest Demolition Derby!
Full on excitement - one of the most popular events.

Figure 8 Racing

A compact car action racing event that generates great excitement- using lighter, small cars.

Carriage Rides
Bloomsburg Fair Cinderella Carriage rides for adult groups, couples and children.

Veteran's Memorial
A project initiated by the Fair to honor veterans, with special engraved blocks, from across all branches of the US Armed Services.

Bloomsburg Fair Skyride

A ski-lift 25 feet off the ground that carries riders on a scenic journey over a large part of the Fair.

Horse and Pony Pull

One of the great family events at the Fair, this show generates huge excitement.
Each team of horses must pull a weighted sled a fixed distance to move on to the next round. The weight on the sled is increased each round- till the point where a winner remains. A very low cost , high fun family event. that many decide is worth buying tickets for.

Demand for tickets is increasing each year, as of course the fair increases in popularity. The 2015 fair will be packed with new concerts, acts and attractions. Look out also for the ever more daring and exciting rides.

As a side note, Toyota , the main sponsor for last year's fair ,gave away a free car! Whoever the daily winners are of the draw, were entered into a final draw on the last day of the Fair. The lucky winner of this event was graced with a brand new Toyota car. No doubt there will be an equally generous promotion running at the 2015 fair- so keep a watch out for more information about tickets and how these tickets may be used to enter you into a draw. If you do want to buy fair tickets, and would rather contact the fair directly, please find the phone numbers for all ticket enquiries below; alternatively check out the Fair's main website for details.

Last years schedule shown below- 2016 schedule will be updated when available.

If you need to find a BloomsburgFair hotels.. pop over to our  Bloomsburg Fair Hotels page for information on some of the most popular places to stay in Bloomsburg.

The Bloomsburg Fair 2015 runs from  September 26  through October 3, 2015. 

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Bloomsburg Fair Location Map

Located at: 620 W 3rd St Bloomsburg, PA 17815. 
                      Contact telephone 
                      +1 570-784-4949

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