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The  Bloomsburg Fair is probably one of the better known attractions in Bloomsburg PA, and draws exceptional crowds. It is a traditional farm fair and enjoys an attendance of over 420,000, over the course of the eight days it is open in September each year. The fairground is also host to events all year round see Bloomsburg Fair events schedule. The fair is the largest in the state of Pennsylvania. It covers 227 acres and has parking for 20,000 cars. Tickets will be available for the 2015 Fair around he start of August.

If you are planning on visiting the Bloomsburg Fair- for more please see our Bloomsburg Fair page

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Bloomsburg University enrolled around 10,000 under graduates in 2012.  Programs of study include sciences, education, arts and humanities, health care and business. Bloomsburg University holds the status of being one of the country's top schools in the northeast.

Bloomsburg University can provide:over eighty bachelor's degree programs and twenty graduate programs (leading to master's degrees).A majority of the almost four hundred full time faculty staff hold terminal degrees teaching accredited programs in four colleges. The University plays a highly important part in the local economy  is located one mile to the south of Interstate 80. Bloomsburg University is on the list of truly interesting things to see in Bloomsburg.

The  Bloomsburg Historic District -
Is a National Historic District and is an attraction likely to appeal to anyone interested in PA Historic Sites.  The Bloomsburg Historic District comprises of both commercial and residential properties. In all it includes over 600 buildings. The residential area  totally stands apart from similar towns, in terms of the   unique architectural styles and also the overall layouts adopted in it's construction. A ' must stop' on any PA Historic Sites tour.
A fine example is Bloomsburg's University's Carver Hall. It was constructed in  the 1860s and can be found listed in the National Register of Historic Places . The building originally called Institute Hall, at a time when the University was known as the Bloomsburg Literary Institute, was actually the first to be erected on the campus. At around this time it was considered that the Institute should become a school for teacher training. Thus was the established the  State Normal School of the 6th District.  Carver Hall with its impressive architecture including a bellfry and ornate entranceway
has long since served as the symbol of the University.
The Susquehanna River

The Susquehanna River is one of the USA's largest. In fact Its actually  the largest  river  that lies completely within the USA and drains into the Atlantic Ocean. Its source is Otsego Lake, not far from Cooperstown.

 The Susquehanna packs quite a punch in terms of water flow- some estimates put the flow rate into the Chesapeake Bay as high as 18 million gallons per minute.  

Activities centered on and around the river include fishing , boating, canoeing, birdwatching and widlife appreciation in addition to many walking trails. Useful guidance in terms of promoting environmentally responsible recreation on and around the Susquehanna River can be found via the third of the links below. 

Bloomsburg Theater Ensemble-

The BTE was established in 1978. With a total of 150 combined years of professional experience. Celebrating their 35th anniversary season. Check out the packed Christmas performance calender.

See our Events page for details of latest BTE events, or visit the link below. Also check out the Super Theater Saturdays schedule and so much more.

Such as the Project Discovery program for high school students- a program with a mission to allow high school students from five counties surrounding Bloomsburg to attend at least one theater perfomance FREE in a given year. The BTE is a great attraction of the area that has been around for years-. It enjoys a very popular following in the town and beyond.

Ricketts Glen state Park-
One of several State parks in the surrounding area. There is no shortage of amazing views to be had. Also enjoy walking trails, falls, picnicking and fishing. Swim in spring water lagoons. Maybe book a stay in one of the well equipped cabins and bring the whole family closer to nature! Take along your camera and capture your experience to show your friends. 

Bloomsburg Town Park

A big draw for visitors to Bloomfield and  of course the local people. Bloomburg Town Park covers a vast area and is home to all types of recreational and sporting resources  These include baseball and  soccer fields, courts for basketball and tennis. Also you'll find fitness trails, skate parks and ponds filled with fish. There are concert areas and facilities too- that serve to host the park's busy concert schedule. Children have also been well accommodated for - with their own special area in the Park appropriately named Kidsburg!
The Town Park has come a long way since the land was first purchased back in the 1920's. Its rightfully deserves its place as one of the main attractions in Bloomsburg and should ideally be included on any Bloomsburg trip schedule.

Once you visit Bloomsburg and take a look around the area you will soon discover there is a vast array of local Bloomsburg attractions, some of which will require more time than others to visit. So if you can have a browse around online first you may be able to get a better idea for how much time you might want to spend at each. Bloomsburg attractions include Knoebels amusement park, great for kid's and adults alike, the renowned Bloomsburg Fair, Bloomsburg Historic District and so many more.. please see below. This list is by no means exhaustive and more attractions are due to be included soon. Remember that enjoying the full range of things to do in Bloomsburg PA is likely to involve a reasonable amount of driving- so make sure you allow enough time for all the things you want to see. 

The Children's Museum in Bloomsburg

The Children's Museum in Bloomsburg. Staffed almost totally by volunteers. The Children's Museum provides hands on educational experience for children of all ages. The range of exhibits is quite astounding, from Egyptian tombs, Coal Mines even a Mighty Mouth, a huge plastic mouth to help Children learn the  importance of dental hygiene. There are often presentations and special events running. The museum is operated on a not for profit basis. Take a look though the website and you are sure to find more than enough reasons to give it a place on your 'must see' list.

Address and telephone: 2 West 7th St., Bloomsburg, PA 17815, (570) 389-9206

Bill's Old Bike Barn

Whether you have a love of motorcycles, Americana memorabilia or just enjoy finding highly interesting ways to spend your time.. here's somewhere you should see. Bill's Bike Barn is a more than just motorcycles though- its a whole experience just waiting for your enjoyment! -There is even a miniature city block to walk around! and much more besides. Rated 2nd out of 11 attractions in Bloomsburg, according to Trip Advisor.

Address and telephone:  7145 Columbia Blvd., Bloomsburg, PA 17815. (570)759.7030

Knoebels Amusement Park

Knoebels Amusement Park is America's largest free- ticket park.
Take a trip there with the kids and sample the great range of rides and attractions. 
there are over 50 rides in all including two world class roller coasters (the Phoenix roller coaster has been voted the No.2 Wooden Coaster in the World).
Knoebels also offers swimming, camping, picnics and a great choice of restaurants and much more besides.

Address and telephone: 391 Knoebels Blvd.Rt. 487,Elysburg, PA 17824 ( 800) 487-4386

Covered Bridges

The area is famous for its Covered Bridges. Rupert Covered bridge for instance constructed in 1847 is one of 28 Covered Bridges across the local counties of Montour and Columbia. A little further out you will find East and West Paden, The Twin Bridges.  These are the only twin Covered Bridges located in the USA. Find them in Fishing Creek Township, Columbia County.  Josiah  Hess Bridge and Wanich Bridge are two other distinguished bridges in the surrounding area. The bridges are representative of the skills and craftmanship so prevalent in times gone by.  Take a tour around the covered bridges in the area and get a real sense of the past. The Covered Bridges really do hold their place well as great Bloomsburg PA Attractions.

P-Nut Bowl Bowling Center

P-Nut Bowl is a family bowling center with 16 lanes. You'll also find an arcade,snack bar, as well as a pro shop. Only 2.5 miles from Bloomsburg PA. Parties, groups and league play are all catered for.

Address and telephone:  2701 P-Nut Lane, Bloomsburg, PA 17815  (570) 784-0202

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