About Bloomsburg Fair
About Bloomsburg Fair

About Bloomsburg Fair

The Bloomsburg Fair started out way back in 1855! It's a traditional farm fair and a  very well known local attraction that draws an attendance of over 420,000, during the course of the eight days it is open in September each year. Ticket sales for last year's fair were up on the previous year- with visitor numbers up to a total of 425,000. You'll find great events like the Demolition Derby and horse racing are very popular entertainment with fair goers- there are also over 1500 food stalls for anyone that fancies a bite to eat. The packed event schedule and the sheer number of acts make the Bloomsburg Fair one of the the most well known of all PA Fairs and the largest in the state of Pennsylvania. It covers 227 acres and has parking for 20,000 cars.


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 Bloomsburg Fair Tickets are non refundable- and the events and attractions go on despite poor weather conditions. Remember, there are Bloomsburg Fairground events going on all year round this is of course in addition to the fair itself. For the full schedule of all Fair events and information on tickets please see additional pages. 

Address: 620 W 3rd St  Bloomsburg, PA 17815. 

Contact phone number +1 570-784-4949  

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